Trump advisor shares what the president is looking for in VP running mate: report

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

An advisor to President Donald Trump recently revealed to the press that as the 2024 presidential election heats up, the focus for the 45th president’s campaign is to get him in the best position possible to clinch the 2024 Republican nomination.

According to the Associated Press, Trump advisor Jason Miller revealed, “We appreciate all support for President Trump, but the clear focus is on making sure that he wins the Republican nomination and is well-positioned to win the general election in 2024.”

Miller’s comments come amid rampant speculation about who Trump’s 2024 vice presidential running mate will be.

Per the Washington Examiner, Trump advisor Michael Caputo said that the president will “be looking for someone cut from the same cloth he is, not from a different, complementary cloth.”

Some of the most popular names that have been rumored so far are GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R).

In early March, the 2023 CPAC straw poll illustrated Lake’s power with conservative voters, winning 20 percent of GOP voters’ support as a potential vice presidential pick for a Trump 2024 ticket. DeSantis was runner-up in that same poll, earning 14 percent of support for being Trump’s hypothetical running mate.

As reported by RSBN, Lake recently addressed swirling rumors that she could be Trump’s vice presidential pick, responding to a question on Newsmax’s “The Balance” that “that seat” of vice presidency could soon be hers.

“Well, I don’t know that that’s true, what you said about me being in that seat. I’m hoping to be in the governor’s office here in Arizona. But Kamala Harris has been a disaster,” she said.

President Trump has reigned supreme in the polls headed into 2024. Per RSBN, the most recent Premise Data found that the president had a staggering 52 percent support among GOP voters in a 2024 National Republican Primary, while Gov. DeSantis accrued 26 percent in that same poll.

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