Trump clinches endorsement of longshot presidential candidate 

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

After suspending his longshot presidential bid, Perry Johnson has publicly endorsed President Trump on social media.  

A businessman from Michigan turned political candidate Johnson released a statement via the social media app X on October 23rd endorsing President Trump. After failing to appear at the first round of GOP debates, Johnson canceled his campaign and now backs his former rival, President Trump. 

On social media, Johnson wrote, “Having suspended my campaign, I am officially endorsing @realDonaldTrump for President of the United States. We must beat @joebiden to save this country and Donald Trump is the only candidate who can do it.” Johnson firmly believes that President Trump will be able to solve the current economic, foreign policy and social crisis that the U.S. is currently facing under Joe Biden’s government. 

In his statement, Johnson also mentioned President Trump’s historic peace agreements and his tough stance against terrorists. Johnson touched on the fact that during President Trump’s time as president, no new wars had started, and now, in contrast, Biden has caused global chaos. RSBN reported what President Trump said about Biden’s actions, “You could very much end up in World War III because you have an incompetent president.”  

President Trump responded to the glowing endorsement from Johnson, sharing his thanks on Truth Social. President Trump wrote, “Perry Johnson is a brilliant Businessman who has enjoyed great success. Above all, he loves our Country! After a valiant effort, he is now leaving the Race for President to do other things, which I have no doubt will be very successful.” 

After expressing his gratitude, President Trump closed with a promise to Johnson, writing, “It is a great honor for me to have received his Full Endorsement. I will make Perry very proud of this decision because we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”  

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