Trump coins a new nickname for NYC crime wave

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

The U.S. is already dealing with a historic border crisis, and now, crime is rising in New York City because of the influx of migrants. President Trump has coined a new term for this wave of crime. 

The New York Post reported that a new worrying wave of crime is taking over New York City in the form of the Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua. Gang members are entering the country posing as asylum seekers and are now causing havoc in the city.

According to earlier reports from the New York Post, police say that the gang is suspected to be behind at least 62 cases of grand larceny in the month of November. 

The New York Post shared what NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban thought about the uptick in gang activity, calling it a “wave of migrant crime.”

A recent CBS News report revealed there is a new category of crime emerging and that seven migrants were arrested in New York in relation to the pattern of robbery.   

President Trump has also called out the increase of crime and gave it a new moniker. 

On Truth Social, President Trump wrote, “A new category of crime is developing in New York City, and America itself.” He also said, “It is bigger and more violent than anything seen in decades. It’s called BIDEN MIGRANT CRIME, and it will be really dangerous and BAD. Good luck, everyone, you’ll need it!” 

President Trump refers to the Biden administration’s inability to control the border, which is experiencing historic levels of illegal crossings.

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to fight for stronger border security. Congress’s recent move to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas shows their commitment to securing the nation’s borders and protecting the American people by holding Democrats accountable.

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