Trump continues to thump Joe Biden even post-mugshot

by Jason Collins

Photo courtesy of the Trump campaign

A recent poll taken after the release of President Trump’s infamous mugshot shows that President Trump is favored over Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup.

The survey, which Economist/YouGov created, asked participants on August 26-29 who they thought would win the 2024 elections. As reported by Breitbart, the survey had asked, “Regardless of who you prefer, who do you think would win the presidential election if Joe Biden were the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump were the Republican candidate?” 

The results will come as a shock to the Democrats, who are currently throwing indictment after indictment at President Trump in hopes of stopping him from being reelected as president next year.

According to the poll, which was taken after President Trump released posters of his mugshot, 44 percent of participants voted favorably for President Trump, with Biden only getting 43 percent of the votes.

If the Democrats were hoping that President Trump’s mugshot would slow him down, this plan has certainly backfired.

Shortly after having the mugshot taken, President Trump began selling mugshot merchandise, which resulted in a huge spike in fundraising sales.

Not only did his arrest result in a spike in fundraising, but it also led to a lead in the Georgia polls. After his arrest, President Trump took an impressive 42-point lead in the polls.

While the Biden administration continues its legal persecution of the 45th president and weighs bringing back Covid lockdowns and restrictions, President Trump is gaining more support daily. 

RSBN reported what President Trump said about Biden’s election interference and the worrying rumblings of COVID restrictions: “They rigged the 2020 election, and now they’re trying to do the same thing all over again by rigging the most important election in the history of our country – the 2024 election.”   

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