Trump responds to UAW’s move to endorse Biden, urges a ‘vote for DJT’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump responded this week to the United Auto Workers’ leadership decision to endorse Joe Biden, scorching UAW President Shawn Fain after his recent interview on “Face the Nation.”

On Truth Social, Trump joked that the program was called “DeFace the Nation.”

The president continued, “He is a real ‘STIFF’ who is selling the Automobile Industry right into the big, powerful, hands of China. 55% of the industry has already left the U.S., and the rest will soon be following if I am not elected President.”

This is not the first time that Trump has weighed in on the UAW’s precarious situation in light of the crumbling automobile manufacturing landscape.

Last year, Trump delivered a strong speech in Michigan, talking directly to auto workers and urging them away from embracing electric vehicle manufacturing, which he has argued will be outsourced to China.

Trump said in his latest statement that Fain had “bought into Biden’s ‘vision’ of all Electric Vehicles, which require far fewer workers to make each car but, more importantly, are not wanted in large numbers by the consumer, and will ALL be made in China.”

In September 2023, Trump warned, “The Great State of Michigan will not have an auto industry anymore if Crooked Joe Biden’s crazed concept of ‘all Electric Cars’ goes into effect.”

On Sunday, Trump declared that he wanted “ALL” cars to be made in the United States, and that he would require China “through TARIFFS, or otherwise, to build plants here, with our workers.”

He pointed out that right now, cars are being built in Mexico and that those cars are being sold in the United States, “Tariff Free.”

Trump concluded, “Shawn Fain doesn’t understand this or have a clue. Get rid of this dope & vote for DJT. I will bring the Automobile Industry back to our Country.”

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