Trump’s plan to revive the American auto industry: ‘I will save it again’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump presented a plan on Thursday that would save the American auto industry from certain destruction in a new Agenda47 policy pitch aimed at reinvigorating domestic auto production.

He stated in a new video, “Joe Biden is waging war on the U.S. auto industry with a series of crippling mandates designed to force Americans into expensive electric cars…even as thousands of electric cars are piling up on car lots all unsold. This ridiculous Green New Deal crusade is causing car prices to skyrocket while setting the stage for the destruction of American auto production.”

Most Americans have keenly felt the sting of rising prices on cars across the nation in addition to a shrinking market.

Trump pointed out, “These extreme left-wing policies are a disaster for families and consumers and are one of the main reasons the average cost of a new car is now over $50,000 dollars—absolutely outrageous. And there’s never been such a price before.”

The president also noted that Biden “DOUBLED CAFÉ standards – a move that is projected to cost automakers $200 billion dollars.”

Additionally, he predicted that Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio, would be “among the hardest hit” when it came to Biden’s electric vehicle mandate.

“And I hope United Auto Workers is listening to this because I think you better endorse Trump because I am going to grow your business and they are destroying your business,” he continued, talking pointedly to the levers of industrial auto power.

In a statement, the Trump campaign additionally laid out the president’s previous moves during his first term that revived auto production in America, driven by his tough tariffs on China and renegotiating the Korea Trade Deal, which boosted U.S. automotive exports in Korea.

American voters today have strongly indicated that they believe President Trump is the man for the job when it comes to improving the economy as a whole.

GOP voters in key battleground states like South Carolina, New Hampshire, and even Florida, have illustrated their support for Trump’s economic prowess by 30 to 40 points in GOP primary polling data from National Research, as reported by RSBN.

Trump also promised to “terminate” Biden’s Green New Deal “atrocities on Day One” as Commander in Chief in 2025. “I saved the American auto industry once, and now, I will save it again,” he vowed.

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