Truth Social reveals new updates to compete with Big Tech

by Joshua Perry

Photo: Adobe Stock

President Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, unveiled new features to users on Thursday to advance a competitive edge against Big Tech.

Rather than shadow banning users, Truth Social is promoting accounts that left traditional platforms because of anti-First Amendment practices.

For example, a horizontal banner featuring the app’s most popular and active profiles appears atop of the Truth Social feed to increase engagement.

Additionally, the company aims to boost discoverability for smaller accounts “based on engagement” suggestions. According to Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes, the public forum is a “big place to go” for anyone wanting to escape Big Tech censorship.

Furthermore, Nunes revealed to the founder of Just the News, John Solomon, more updates intended to revolutionize Truth Social.

One significant highlight is the app’s latest ability to upload videos up to ten minutes in length. Previously, creators had to submit videos through a third party platform for a recording that extended beyond two minutes. Now, composers have the capability to introduce their creativity directly from their profile, Nunes told Just the News.

Unlike Twitter, Truth Social is “giving a voice to awesome content creators who really never had a chance,” stated Nunes.

Truth Social has seen vast success since it began pioneering the landscape of free speech social media. In April, Truth Social dethroned Twitter, and other Big Tech outlets to become the number one rated app in the App Store. Millions of people have installed the app onto their devices, including California’s Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom.

In response, Nunes stated, “We want to welcome Republicans, Democrats, anyone. We’re for everyone. In fact, we’re trying to make social media fun again.

According to Nunes, President Trump does not intend to return to Twitter.

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