Trump rebukes YouTube for removing Full Send Podcast

by Timothy Frudd

On Friday morning, President Donald Trump ripped YouTube for limiting free speech in the United States after the Google-owned platform removed his interview with the NELK Boys on “Full Send Podcast.”

The NELK Boys interviewed the 45th president in a massively popular podcast that amassed over five million views in the first 24 hours after its release.

In response to YouTube’s violation of free speech, Trump issued a statement asking, “Whatever happened to free speech in our Country?” He added, “Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Big Tech lunatics have taken down my interview with the very popular NELK Boys so that nobody can watch it or in any way listen to it.”

Trump reiterated the record-breaking views the podcasters received due to his appearance on the show, saying, “In the 24 hours that it was up it set every record for them, by many times.”

“I told them this would happen,” Trump said, “Because Big Tech and the Fake News Media fear the truth, they fear criticism about Biden, and above all, they don’t want to talk about the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election, all topics discussed.”

The 45th president discussed the 2020 election during his interview on the podcast. YouTube’s official statement referenced this as the reason the podcast was removed, asserting, “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.”

Trump, who has claimed that Big Tech helped rig the 2020 election, compared YouTube’s selective censorship to the state of Russia’s media. He stated, “In Russia, the people are not allowed to know that they’re fighting a war with Ukraine.”

The 45th president warned, “That’s where our media is going, and that’s where our Country is going because it quickly follows—just study history.” He added, “Are we going to allow this to happen?”

Listing several of the problems facing Americans due to the Biden administration, he continued, “Look at your gas prices, Inflation, the Afghanistan debacle, our Border, the war with Ukraine, which should have never happened, and so much more.”

Although Biden’s disastrous policies have negatively affected millions of Americans, Big Tech and the media have shielded Biden by censoring the truth.

Trump concluded, “We need freedom of speech again, we don’t have it and it’s getting worse every day!”

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